Hello from Israel!! I haven’t written for a long time I know, but here is now an update from me.
For the past couple of days we have been taking a road trip on our world trip. Haha it’s weird to think about. We all packed a small day pack, loaded up our car and drove off. That was 2 days ago. Since then our car has been getting ALOT of use and the GPS as well.
This morning we left the hostel that had been opened up just for us and drove to The Sea Grotto. Here is the steepest cable car in the world and the old railway that connected Europe and Egypt. Though it is now blocked because of the unrest between Israel and Lebanon.
The Grottos are caves under the rock mountain that were slowly carved out by the waves. I really liked them I can understand why people get so mesmeriszed by the sea. One cave was a hole in the rock that was called The Whales Maw and the sign mentioned Jonah from the Bible. It said that instead of a whale he could have been trapped inside of one of these. It does make sense, it’s dark, loud, full of water and could have spit him out. It’s a really cool ininterpretation.
We also went to an Arab town called Acco. We visited a Templers Tunnel. It was used to get from the palace to port safely in war times. I think the best thing about the town was looking in their “Grand Baazar”. Fruit stands, spice stands, dessert stands and fresh sea food stands all waiting for a buyer. There was nothing touristy and almost no tour groups. It was so foreign and a totally different world. We tried some really bitter pomegranate juice that I wish we could have at home and then left the little town behind.
Right now, as I am writing this on my mom ipod while we are driving through a city called Haifa. We are trying to find some gardens. Who knows if we will find them, (GPS can be a bit confusing) the plan after that is to drive to Nazareth to go to a reenactment of the Nazareth that Jesus knew.

The three of us are squished in the back of our car sharing our two iPods and Aaron is taking care of his Smurfs on my dads iPod. I’ve found having a portable little world of music, aka my iPod, amazing. It’s perfect for when Im sick if my family (wait did I actually say that? Hahaha) and for normalizing my brain. When your traveling your opinion, perspective, and the area around you is always changing, having some good old Owl City, Hedley, Fun. and Dragonette singing in to your ear can be such a relief. ūüôā 

Berlin August 5

I cant believe that we have only been gone for 11 days. It has felt like¬†month already! What surprises me the most is that this is only our 3rd country out of around 20. We still have a loooong way to go. And thats not a bad thing. Though I have to admit I’m looking forward to seeing other countries and cultures.

The last week we were visiting my mom’s relatives in Oldenburg. It was amazing getting to know these people who live on another continent and are yet related to me. I loved learning about their work, kids and lives in general. Also their houses were all decorated amazingly, It was like every decoration had a reason and a loving touch instead of decorations just bought to fill up space. Also¬†we heard later that Meme, one of the girls, had said; “The boy, I like him.” She was then asked, “Which boy?” She replied with, “The boy, from the family from Africa.” Hehe she’s cute. I loved everyone and everything there, I hope I can travel back here one day.

Sadly we had to leave, so after waking up at 4:30, a 5 hour train ride and an hour trying to find the right street, we arrived at our apartment, on, as you know, one of the streets with the highest crime rate in Berlin. Yay. Oh well life throws things at you and you have to deal with it, so we will.


Copenhagen July 28


So have you have heard our luggage is gone. Okay not gone, temporarily misplaced, or at least we hope. My first few days in Copenhagen have been good, even though I now really know what jet lag feels like and my precious clothing is missing, it truely has been good.

In Copenhagen there are¬†people¬†biking everywhere. I mean everywhere. There¬†is even a¬†lane for them¬†between the sidewalk and the road. Because of that the cities residents are getting a daily workout while doing something as normal as going to work. The first day we came here we drove past a small “lake” by the flat we were staying at. There were so many people running and biking around it, immediatly making me want to go for a run. Then I remembered that clothes arent here…

Yesterday we walked around the town and saw the Queens residence and a went to a museum with alot of royal items like jewel covered crowns and cutlery made of pure gold. The whole day Madeleine was trying to convince us that the whole area belonged to her and that she was the Queen of the City. Yup I know, lame, but to us, hot and tired people, it was hilarious. (Can I also mention that it was 26 degrees 4/5 of us were wearing jeans?)



There¬†is one happy¬†family¬†visiting Denmark right now. Every thing is back!¬†The only disapointment is that¬†we¬†cant buy outfits anymore. Believe me, Madeleine and me¬†really enjoyed our mandatory shopping trips. Oh well that is ok. The four of us (Mom, Madeleine, Aaron, and me) rented bikes and biked around the city. Its really interesting getting used to the extra lane and special lights for the bikes. We biked through a hippie section of the¬†town. Went you entered there was a sign that said the rules: Have fun, No fighting, No weapons, No running (it creates panic), No picture taking (we dont want drug dealing on camera), Soft drugs are allowed. We didnt spend very much time there. After we went to Nyhavn for supper, its a street beside a canal that mostly cafes. I tried some Herring and Salmon but Im not a big fan… I think it has to do with living in the centre of North America for my whole life.¬†Also¬†Madeleine and me¬†had this AMAZING¬†Chai¬†Latte.¬†It was soo good.¬†We biked home in the dark and the city was so quiet. It was gorgeous! ūüôā