Firing an AK-47

At the Cu Chi Tunnels, you can choose to fire a variety of weapons used during the Vietnam War.  Yup, that’s right, you take a look at the dozen or so guns available, ranging from the huge M60 machine gun to the much smaller M1 Carbine rifle.  You then pay for bullets ($2.00 per bullet; minimum of 10 bullets per gun) and head to the firing range where you don earphones.  A Vietnamese man brings the bullets to the guns and loads them.  You’re ready to fire a vintage military weapon!

Emily-Ann, Aaron, Harold, and I took this opportunity.  We chose to fire two guns, a M30 machine gun and an AK-47.

The guns are secured to steel posts or tall ‘counters’ at the firing line.  When firing, one aims at a target area several hundred metres away.  When you shoot, the spent cartridges fly through the air around you.

It was an incredible feeling to fire these military weapons.  They are LOUD and powerful.  The sheer volume of these weapons must have made an ominous sound in the jungles of this country during those war years.

DSCN4745 (Medium)   DSCN4738 (Medium)DSCN4740 (Medium)DSCN4742 (Medium)

Aaron with M30

DSCN4746 (Medium)   DSCN4754 (Medium)DSCN4748 (Medium)DSCN4750 (Medium)

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