HCMC – a city of contrasts

Ho Chi Minh City is a city characterized by its old-world charm interwoven with the frenzied pace and development of a burgeoning metropolis; communist conservatism juxtaposed with incursions of a new capitalism.

DSCN4348 (Medium)   DSCN4350 (Medium)DSCN4368 (Medium)   DSCN4369 (Medium)DSCN4428 (Medium)   DSCN4422 (Medium)DSCN4423 (Medium)   DSCN4439 (Medium)DSCN4426 (Medium)DSCN4421 (Medium)   DSCN4445 (Medium)DSCN4442 (Medium)DSCN4443 (Medium)DSCN4664 (Medium)   DSCN4663 (Medium)   DSCN4667 (Medium)DSCN4452 (Medium)   DSCN4453 (Medium)DSCN4780 (Medium)DSCN4813 (Medium)   DSCN4815 (Medium)DSCN4818 (Medium)   DSCN4837 (Medium)DSCN4824 (Medium)   DSCN4825 (Medium)DSCN4840 (Medium)   DSCN4843 (Medium)DSCN4845 (Medium)   DSCN4848 (Medium)DSCN4850 (Medium)   DSCN4852 (Medium)DSCN4851 (Medium)

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