‘Nam with the Neufelds

Mary-Anna’s sister Miriam and husband Mick flew into Ho Chi Minh City to spend a few days with us.  They are holidaying in Southeast Asia, dividing their time between Thailand, Vietnam, and Cambodia.  In Saigon, we went out for drinks at an Australian bar before dinner at a French restaurant.  Fantastic!

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After a few days in Ho Chi Minh City, we all headed to the coastal city of Mui Ne.  There we stayed in a beautiful beachfront hotel called Lotus Village Resort.  Our rooms were amazing and we enjoyed the pool, the sea, the bar, and the restaurant.  We spent most of our time catching some sun and the hot temperatures, something we won’t experience again until summertime.

DSCN4874 (Medium)   DSCN4878 (Medium)DSCN4885 (Medium)   DSCN4887 (Medium)DSCN5007 (Medium)   DSCN5010 (Medium)DSCN5015 (Medium)   DSCN5014 (Medium)DSCN5024 (Medium)   DSCN5023 (Medium)DSCN4979 (Medium)   DSCN5030 (Medium)   DSCN5028 (Medium)DSCN5034 (Medium)   DSCN5033 (Medium)DSCN5040 (Medium)   DSCN5043 (Medium)DSCN5045 (Medium)   DSCN5054 (Medium)DSCN5055 (Medium)

Other than lazing in the sun, we lounged in beach restaurants, enjoying the varied cuisine and live music.

DSCN4989 (Medium)   DSCN4999 (Medium)DSCN5000 (Medium)   DSCN4895 (Medium)DSCN4907 (Medium)DSCN4899 (Medium)   DSCN4901 (Medium)   DSCN4902 (Medium)DSCN4976 (Medium)   DSCN4906 (Medium)

Mui Ne functions largely as a destination for sun-seeking tourists and does a great job of catering to them.  According to one shop owner, about 90% of the tourists in Mui Ne are from Russia.  The language on signage of most establishments and menus reflects this.

DSCN4980 (Medium)   DSCN4981 (Medium)DSCN5073 (Medium)   DSCN4978 (Medium)DSCN4991 (Medium)   DSCN4993 (Medium)

Mick and I went for massages one morning.  The woman in the picture with me below is the one who gave me an Asian massage which includes walking on me and twisting my limbs into pretzel-like shapes.  She’s tiny but very strong!

DSCN4987 (Medium)

Our time in Mui Ne was laid back and relaxing.  It was a wonderful opportunity to spend time with Mick and Miriam, building amazing memories.

DSCN5062 (Medium)   DSCN5056 (Medium)DSCN5061 (Medium)

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