Mui Ne sunrise

I haven’t been getting great sleeps recently, waking up as I often have at 4:30 a.m. or so.  Perhaps it’s the anticipation of and/or reluctance to go home.  Being up that early though has afforded me a look at spectacular sunrises.

Before the sun rose in Mui Ne, I saw the fishermen heading out to set their nets and traps.  They use round boats for this.  The breeze was warm.  The only sound was that of the waves rolling rhythmically onto the shore.

DSCN4910 (Medium)DSCN4917 (Medium)   DSCN4919 (Medium)DSCN4921 (Medium)   DSCN4937 (Medium)DSCN4928 (Medium)DSCN4930 (Medium)DSCN4933 (Medium)   DSCN4942 (Medium)

Back at the hotel, the warm light of the rising sun was gorgeous as it reflected in the infinity pool and the sea.

DSCN4955 (Medium)DSCN4956 (Medium)DSCN4962 (Medium)   DSCN4970 (Medium)DSCN4969 (Medium)   DSCN4965 (Medium)

A magical beginning to yet another perfect day!

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