Our last days

We’ve been on many forms of transportation during our six months.  While comfortable and clean, our six hour bus ride from Mui Ne to Ho Chi Minh City was a new experience for us.  The seats were organized into three rows stacked two high.  Each seat could recline to about a 30 degree angle so sleep was possible.  Important to note is that the seats are not designed for someone of my height.  Smile

DSCN5082 (Medium)   DSCN5083 (Medium)DSCN5078 (Medium)   DSCN5080 (Medium)

Once we reached Saigon, we got into two taxis.  Everyone except Mick and me took a taxi to a French restaurant where we had reservations.  Mick and I took the other one, along with everyone’s luggage, to our hotel.  In the flurry of bags being unloaded and our driver being too eager to leave quickly, I realized that we had left one of our computer bags in the cab.  In hindsight, this explained the driver’s hasty exit in spite of us asking him to take us to the restaurant.  He obviously knew he still had the computer in the car.  How maddening is that?  After 6 months and likely a hundred or so cabs, this happens.  An opportunistic driver cashed in on a used laptop.  The loss of the machine is secondary to the pictures and other travel files stored on this machine.  Thankfully, not much was lost but it’s the feeling of being duped that’s most disconcerting.  Mick and I spent the next hours scouring the streets for the driver back at the bus station but to no avail.  Ugh!  We wouldn’t, however, let this drag us down in our last days in Vietnam.

The next day, we said farewell to Mick and Miriam.  They were flying to Siem Reap, Cambodia to see Angkor Wat and the other incredible sites in the area.  We’re thankful to have had the time with them here in Saigon.  No doubt we’ll have great shared memories to talk about in the future.

DSCN5095 (Medium)   DSCN5098 (Medium)DSCN5101 (Medium)

We spent the rest of our last day doing last minute shopping and other similar stuff.  Not being a big shopper, I took the opportunity to go to a barber.  I landed up getting my hair cut and washed, my beard trimmed, ears cleaned, face scrubbed, and neck/face/shoulder massaged for the whopping price of…wait for it…140,000 Vietnamese dong which is about 6 Canadian dollars!  As you can see in the picture below, the lady who provided the massage is tiny but, again, a strong young woman.

DSCN5104 (Medium)   DSCN5109 (Medium)DSCN5116 (Medium)

Later in the day, we went to a tailor/seamstress shop to pick up a gown that had been made for Emily-Ann.  She’s pictured below with the woman who worked on her dress.

DSCN5145 (Medium)

Then, at about 11:30 p.m., we headed for the airport to begin our long journey home.  Our first flight, from Ho Chi Minh City to Shanghai, China departed at 1:55 a.m.  As we took to the air, leaving Vietnam behind us, we, rather unceremoniously, said to each other, “Well, look like Ho Chi Minh City is (sigh) gone”.  Smile

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