Danishes and Danish Youth

We drove to Margret’s house in Germany on Monday of this week. On the way, we realized that we hadn’t yet had any “danishes”, a pastry common in Canada. We turned off the major highway and stopped in a village and found the bakery there. With our pastries in hand, we walked to the nearby harbour.

At the harbour, I went over to speak with several Danish youth. One girl spoke English well enough to let me know that the five of them were ages 14 to 16 and that they were “hanging out” together. Another girl knew a few sentences and laughingly included several expletives. When I asked about their schooling, they said that school started up again next week which, they said emphatically, wasn’t a good thing. The joking, poking fun, and general banter assured me that these teenagers are pretty much the same as those I know from Canada. It was invigorating talking with them.


I certainly loved getting to know Copenhagen! The architecture is quaint and colourful. History abounds. The people are friendly; consistently so. Danes have been surveyed to be the happiest people on earth!

I’ve walked many kilometres in the city. While Margret and I went to retrieve the bags from the airport, Mary-Anna and the kids had rented bikes. There was no additional bike for me. So, walking and taking the Metro (train) has been my means of transportation in the city.

We visited several museums including the treasury of the crown jewels and museum of past monarchs’ trappings. We saw The Little Mermaid, an icon of this city. We entered several majestic cathedrals and strolled the grounds of the queen’s palace.

Last night, our family, together with Margret and Manuel, enjoyed a fine dinner at Nyhavn, the small harbour that’s another icon of Copenhagen. It was a perfect ending to a wonderful day.

Today, we climbed the 420 steps (Aaron counted them) to the top of the spiral tower of the Church of our Saviour. What a view of the city!

Copenhagen July 28


So have you have heard our luggage is gone. Okay not gone, temporarily misplaced, or at least we hope. My first few days in Copenhagen have been good, even though I now really know what jet lag feels like and my precious clothing is missing, it truely has been good.

In Copenhagen there are people biking everywhere. I mean everywhere. There is even a lane for them between the sidewalk and the road. Because of that the cities residents are getting a daily workout while doing something as normal as going to work. The first day we came here we drove past a small “lake” by the flat we were staying at. There were so many people running and biking around it, immediatly making me want to go for a run. Then I remembered that clothes arent here…

Yesterday we walked around the town and saw the Queens residence and a went to a museum with alot of royal items like jewel covered crowns and cutlery made of pure gold. The whole day Madeleine was trying to convince us that the whole area belonged to her and that she was the Queen of the City. Yup I know, lame, but to us, hot and tired people, it was hilarious. (Can I also mention that it was 26 degrees 4/5 of us were wearing jeans?)



There is one happy family visiting Denmark right now. Every thing is back! The only disapointment is that we cant buy outfits anymore. Believe me, Madeleine and me really enjoyed our mandatory shopping trips. Oh well that is ok. The four of us (Mom, Madeleine, Aaron, and me) rented bikes and biked around the city. Its really interesting getting used to the extra lane and special lights for the bikes. We biked through a hippie section of the town. Went you entered there was a sign that said the rules: Have fun, No fighting, No weapons, No running (it creates panic), No picture taking (we dont want drug dealing on camera), Soft drugs are allowed. We didnt spend very much time there. After we went to Nyhavn for supper, its a street beside a canal that mostly cafes. I tried some Herring and Salmon but Im not a big fan… I think it has to do with living in the centre of North America for my whole life. Also Madeleine and me had this AMAZING Chai Latte. It was soo good. We biked home in the dark and the city was so quiet. It was gorgeous! 🙂

Lost Luggage

Two words a traveller does not want hear…lost luggage! Yup, all 5 of our packs did not show up on the baggage belt in Copenhagen. The people in charge of lost luggage have no trace on the whereabouts of our belongings. Not a good problem to have! As a result, the girls have had a chance to go shopping for a few new clothes. This has proven to be very timely since they have fallen in love with the fashion in Denmark.

It’s kind of funny what we’ve missed the most by not having our packs. For most of us, it’s been the chargers for our cameras and computers that we’ve seen as the greatest inconvenience. For Madeleine, it’s been not having access to her clothes and straightening iron.

Hopefully, in the coming day or two, we will hear news of our wayward wares. Thankfully, the airline already gave us 1200 kroner and will give us more as needed. Sounds like a lot but it’s about $200 CDN. Better than nothing! I see more shopping in store for us (pardon the pun).